Follow up – does the 4-hour diet work? The results are in!

Here are the results from our non-scientific but very interesting poll, as of January 29, 2011.

Over 86 people have responded, and the news is good!


As of this post, 71 people said they are losing weight on the 4-hour diet, compared to 15 who said they are not losing weight.  That’s an 82% success rate!


The poll isn’t really scientific – if people quit the 4-hour diet already because they thought it wasn’t working, they probably wouldn’t be on this website to answer the poll.  Still, it’s great to know that there are a ton of people out there who are experiencing success with the 4-hour body diet.


Want to add your opinion?  You can still vote in the poll on our home page.

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11 Responses to Follow up – does the 4-hour diet work? The results are in!

  1. 4hourrecipes says:

    “Is butter allowed on the 4 hour diet. I know it says no dairy, so maybe a dumb question but I see recipes people are showing using butter. Please help” -murrantz

  2. 4hourrecipes says:

    @murrantz: The book says, “Butter is fine as long as the ingredients only include butter and salt.”

  3. 4hourrecipes says:

    “Is hard cheese, ie sharp cheddar, allowed on the 4 hr body diet? Cheese is dairy & protein. I love cheese. What about Feta?

    Just my opinion, but I’ll bet the people not losing weight are not actually following the plan. I lost 4.5 lbs last week & did not exercise. Also, I’m a senior adult.” -Bonnie

  4. 4hourrecipes says:

    “I’d probably add a couple other categories, like:

    -lost some weight, but have plateaued
    -it’s still too early to tell
    -lost weight one week, but not the other

    I lost 3 lbs the first week, but none the second.”

  5. 4hourrecipes says:

    “Can we eat white kidney beans?” -auntbumblebee

  6. 4hourrecipes says:

    @Bonnie -
    I like cheese too, but it is not allowed. The only exception I’m aware of is cottage cheese, which it OK to have once in a while. I wouldn’t eat it every day.

    @SlowCarbVegan -
    Good point, I may add those in the next version of the survey. Stick with it for at least 4 weeks, my weight loss slowed down in the second week as well but it picked back up by the end of the first month.

    Yes, pretty much all types of beans are safe.

  7. 4hourrecipes says:

    “I have been on the diet for a month now and have lost 8.2 lbs. I am not satisfied with these results. I eat 3 eggs and 1/2 cup cottage cheese for breakfast. I have a problem stomaching anything else in the morning so any beans are out. I have maybe 1/2 tsp of sugar in my coffee with some non dairy creamer. Next week I am going to omit coffee all together to see if that makes a difference. The biggest problem I have is my cheat day weight, I gain about 4 lbs and it takes 3-4 days to lose it and I don’t even go crazy. I always eat a “diet” breakfast on cheat days. Also he mentioned Myoplex protein shakes but they seem to have milk and whey proteins and about 5g of sugar, any thoughts on those?” -Lindsay

  8. 4hourrecipes says:

    @Lindsay -

    For breakfast, you need to add beans. Cut out the cottage cheese (shouldn’t really be an everyday thing) and go with 2 eggs instead of 3.

    I agree, skip the coffee if you can’t take it without sugar.

    I think these changes will help, but anyway 8 pounds in a month is a pretty good result! Are you also tracking your inches lost?

  9. 4hourrecipes says:

    “Thank you, I will definitely try those changes this week. I know 8 pounds is good but I feel that with the changes and limitations I should be having better results. Its a little depressing when you get on the scale after a week of doing so good and it says you’ve lost 1.6 lbs. And yes, I am tracking inches and total in 4 weeks I’ve lost about 7 inches total which I know is good. I guess my expectations were a little too high =) I’ll keep at it!” -Lindsay

  10. 4hourrecipes says:

    “Nathan, Do any of your readers take pAGG supplements outlined in the book? Perhaps they would be interested in your review of our pAGG Supplement product. Email me and I’d love to send you a free trial to review.” -Tyler

  11. 4hourrecipes says:

    “I forgot to leave my email address Nathan.” -Tyler

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